There is no doubt that events this year have touched us all and changed lives like never before. Some have tragically lost loved ones, others have been hit hard financially.  For many it has meant being inventive and imaginative in creating new ways to live our lives and sometimes celebrate as some will be doing in Friday with VEDay75

But how will we remember all this in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years even? There must be 1000s of photos on phones of deserted streets, shop signs, crazy family haircut sessions, baking, zoom get togethers.  failed DIY projects.  We would like to capture some of these to add to TheLymmArchive.co.uk.


However we feel about it today it will be important in the future to have an accurate reminder of how it was for the people who lived here then.

PLEASE send your picturess to lymmheritagecentre@gmail.com or if you use Instagram post with hashtag #lymmheritage or #lymmarchive

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