BRAZILYMM '66 offers a unique opportunity to engage young people in a piece of exciting local social history .. It all happened here in Lymm and the exhibition itself is easily accessible at the Lymm Hotel. 


Following our gala opening on Feb 21st the exhibition will be open to the public for just three days in the Cheshire Suite of the hotel. 


The exhibition could be a stimulating one-off activity or could form the core of a more project based activity.  


Learn about football history, village history, famous people - (Pele was named athlete of the century by the IOC)

 *  There will be 12 display boards telling the story of how Brazil came to Lymm and the impact they had on the village. 

*  A five minute rolling powerpoint will looking at how football and the World Cup has changed from 1966 to 2014

*  There will be a large collection of memorabilia from a private collection. 

* An exhibition of how Lymm looked in the 60s and how we lived then.

* Display boards, powerpoint, speaker available for school use after the event for follow-up activities. 


 There is the opportunity to produce worksheets, quizzes in advance. We are happy to be involved in that given prior notice of what year groups are coming.. 

All of these photographs were taken at the Lymm Hotel 

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