LyDiA is all about preserving, securing and sharing Lymm's Heritage through the creation of an on-line archive. 

Whether it is for research, education or simple enjoyment we believe the the archive will be a valuable tool for the whole community. 


You can download more information and read about our philosophy of sharing heritage here.   

Do you have material to add to the archive ? 

We always welcome donations that will help us build a bigger and better archive.  We do not wish to take ownership of your orginals. We would much prefer to scan them and return them... and maybe sometimes enhance them in the process to reverse some of the effects of ageing. 

If you would like to talk about lending us images, documents, maps on that basis please email us at If you also give us a telephone number we will call you back . 

 What can't we take?  

We would love to take everything but the archive has a finite capacity so we do need some ground rules.  

* Material must relate to Lymm and as far as Agden, Warburton, High Legh.

* We can only use a very limited number of modern pictures- those having potential long term historic interest e.g. demolition of Lymm Hotel.

* We can't take most "family snaps" though we will look at older family photographs with  social history value.. especially if there is an interesting story behind them. 

* The Archivist's decision is final.  Thanks !! If in doubt, show us. 

Would you like to be involved ?  

We need volunteers to scan, to catlaogue, to enter descriptions, to do research. It's a great chance to learn new skills, meet new people, learn about Lymm and be part of this exciting project. 

 Contact If you also give us a telephone number we will call you back . 

Would you like to support the project ? 

Every element of our wider Heritage Project relies on public support for its long term sustainability. All donations are very welcome and appreciated Maybe become a friend for just £1 a month ...YOU CAN SUPPORT US HERE  Thank you