Every picture tells a story

.. but what is it ?

I am sure we all have our own photograph albums.. and, more recently, folders full of images on computer. Getting them out no doubt leads to friendly arguments about when and where they were taken. What was the occasion ? Who's that lady at the back ? etc etc We vow that from now on we will caption our pictures so that future members of the family will know who is who.. Then we look at the size of the task and quietly put them away again. 

Imagine that task applied to a whole village archive. It's a daunting task but also an exciting one. There are so many stories to be discovered and so many connections to be made.


One of the key challenges that the Heritage Centre has set itself is to create such an archive. It should have many benefits. 

  •  It will conserve and secure the images in high quality format

  • It will provide a valuable resource for all interested in village history-residents,ex-pats,students and researchers

  • It will be a stimulus for memories and reminiscence

  • It will enable newcomers to better understand and appreciate the heritage of the village that is now their home. 



This gallery is fun to look at but when were the pictures taken ? where are they? How I can share the memories they evoke ? How do I look for pictures of one person ? How do I find pictures of the same subject ? 

Two members of our team visited Hebden Bridge recently to meet some of the team who have put the Pennine Heritage site together. Do take a look.  They have imported, categorised and documented over 34,000 images.... and Hebden Bridge is only half the size of Lymm !  They have made over half of those available on the website and the rest can be viewed at the centre. They receive new information and comments added on a daily basis and are building a remarkable record of village life that can be passed down to future generations.

That is our goal. It will be part of our Heritage Lottery Funding bid  and is just part of the Heritage Centre project. If you would like to be part of this do get in touch NOW. 

Thanks to Carol Kerry, Alan Taylor, Alan Williams, Ken Smith, Susan Wylie, Yvonne Clayton, Richard Buckley, Jamie MacDonald and John Gill who have all contributed to the above album which shows just a tiny cross-section of Lymm's potential archive. 

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