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Lymm’s Golden Age


In the 20th century gold leaf was made by skilled people in Lymm. It was renowned for its high quality both at home and abroad.  Gold leaf….that’s some kind of tobacco, isn’t it? Not in this case - gold leaf is gold that has been beaten until it is so thin it is 1/250,000 inch or 70 nanometres.  No, I can’t imagine this either but it’s very, very thin and can be used to gild anything from picture frames to palace gates.  In fact, gold leaf from Lymm was used on the gates at Buckingham Palace.


If you look in the centre of this photo, you will see the watermark of Wrights of Lymm Ltd.  This company had its factory in Grove Avenue from before the First World War until 1983. A family business, it employed many people from Lymm over the years.  Some of the people who worked there have helped us put together the exhibit.



This is what came into the factory: gold grain


And this is what came out: gold leaf

gold beating girls.jpg
gold beating 1920.jpg