It's a fun way to learn more about Lymm. Follow the trail and answer the questions. Ask an adult to click on the picture and  download it for you FREE 

The History Hunt


There are  games to play and  a history hunt to download.

You can read part of a book that tells you what it was like to be growing up in Lymm 150 years ago

And there's a competition where you can win tickets for the whole family to Historic Transport Day and take a ride on the giant cherry picker to see Lymm from the air.

Finally we've got some a History Project for you with more prizes to be won.  

Daisy Darwin   wins  Flash  Fiction  Prize

..is all about telling an interesting story in just 100 words. It  has to be imaginative, clever and original and maybe a bit unusual. Congratulations to Daisy Darwin - winner of our first competition for a story based on "The Day I Met Pele" Daisy imagined being Pele's shirt ! How original is that? CLICK THE PIC TO READ DAISY'S STORY 



Imagine if Ronaldo and Messi came to Lymm ..and stayed at the hotel.. AND played kickabout with local kids. That's how exciting it was in 1966 when the most famous footballer of all time Pele and the Brazil came to stay in Lymm for the World Cup. We had an exhibition. Kids came from Statham School and were interviewed by Granada Reports TV.  

Brazilymm 66 

"We Love Our Canal"  & Historic Transport Day  June 26

Historic Transport Day is all about bringing history to life and having fun. Traction Engines, boat trips, some amazing cars.. a World War 2 aeroplane. You can even sit in the cockpit. And this year for the first time there's a LEGO transport exhibition. How cool is that !   And if you go to school in Lymm you may be going on a half day trip to visit one of the old boats and learn more about the canal in your village. 

Be a MAY QUEEN HISTORY Detective  and Win a PRIZE

Perhaps you go to May Queen every year.  But did you know that the first MAY QUEEN in Lymm was in 1889. That's 127 years ago ..  Maybe some-one in your family has been a May Queen or perhaps they remember when there used to a big fair ( bigger than today). We would like to collect as much as a history as we can about May Queen. If you find some-one who has some memories write them down and send them to us and maybe they have some old pictures too. We will give prizes for the best reports.  Here are some pictures of the very first May Queens  and a picture of the Whitelegg family in 1914 .. in colour !!!

PLUS the crowning in 1910. It hasn't changed very much in 100 years. - That's tradition !  

Send your entries to

MAY QUEEN HISTORY. - ask an adult to help you upload it. 

If we get enough we will make a special page for all the stories and pictures.   


"Statham"  for example --  The name probably goes back to the seventh century .Wow!  Stoeth meant landing stage and ham  means  village. The Mersey  used to come right up to Statham before the Ship Canal was built.  It was a good landing place .. maybe for Vikings !!

See what you can discover about  a road name in Lymm. We will give a prize for the best research.   

What's in a name ?


Place names and road names can be a  clue to the past.

What was it like to grow up in Lymm 150 years ago? 

Imagine leaving school at nine or ten and then going to work from seven in the morning until seven at night six days a week. No TV, no internet, No electricity, no cars, - none of these things had been invented and often hardly enough to eat and maybe not even a warm coat. This is what life was like for Hannah in this story. Click the Pic to read more.. 

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