We can't do it without you! 

Please help us tell the story. 

Lymm May Queen Festival: it’s an important part of the identity of the village and it has been around for over 130 years.

When we are able to reopen the Heritage Centre you will find that May Queen is celebrated alongside Lymm’s other traditions including Rushbearing, Soulcaking and Morris Dancing.

As we put the exhibit together we felt the time was right for a more complete telling of the story of Lymm’s premier event.  But 130 years is a lot to cover so we are breaking 

the project down into two parts.

PART ONE - The Early Years  1888-1948

 i.e.  those events that are probably out of living memory (Apologies to our oldest readers if you do remember one or two of them!)  There is documentation and images out there but the challenge is to bring them together to tell the whole story.

THE AIM here is to produce a book for sale as a lasting record that all can share. 

Learn more about our plans for this and how you can help here. 


PART TWO  - The post-war revival to present day.

This period  is naturally better documented. There are almost certainly many more photographs and the majority of the May Queens are probably still alive. Some are still at school! 

The aim here is to add one or two photographs and a story to a simple, one page per year "yearbook" to go on display at the Heritage Centre as part of the May Queen exhibit. We may be able to find  space for a small number of these entries in the PART ONE published book and would like to include many of the pictures in the the Lymm Archive for posterity. 

Learn more about our plans for this and how you can help here.


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