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Lymm Mastermind - The answers 
  1. Pele

  2. Heatley and Warburton

  3. Cotton ( and sometimes linen)

  4. Place of running water .. or similar

  5. Stockport

  6. Thomas Ridgway

  7. Below St Mary’s church

  8. Punchbowl

  9. Josef Balinski

  10. James Brindley

  11. Souling or Soulcaking

  12. 2013

  13. Lymm Urban District Council

  14. Gasworks

  15. Lymm & Oughtrington Bands of Hope Festival

  16. Salt

How did you do?

0-5 New to  Lymm ? Get down to the Heritage Centre – There’s so much to learn.

6-10  Showing promise – time to bone up at the Heritage Centre

11-15 Pretty smart huh? We assume you are already volunteering at the Heritage Centre if not why not?

16-20 Have you ever thought of going on Mastermind?

Tell us how you did.. Be honest ! Who knows. There may even be a prize. 

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