Technology means that you don't always have to visit a centre to view heritage information or items. 

"Flipbooks " like the ones on the right are a great way of making an item accessible to all. Just click on the cover when you have read this. 


An item like this has so many uses. 

* It gives us a valuable insight into the event itself, held on a Thursday but obviously on a huge scale - just look at the number of people involved in organisation. 

* The ads are arguably the most interesting part of the programme.  They could be used as part of a school project into how and why the village (and all villages) have developed and changed in the past hundred years.

* Helps to bring family history to life. How much more interesting to see these ads than just an entry on a census.


Potentially we could build a huge archive of images and documents that could be accessible to all for research, education or mere curiosity but it all takes time and just a little skill. If you could give a little time and are happy to have just enough training to be able to work in your own time then do get in touch to  become a part of  Lymm Heritage Centre Project.




The Dewhursts , cotton magnates lived at Beechwood Hall - roughly where Lymm rugby team now play - in a grand house for 50 years - You can still see the entrance gate on Crouchley Lane. They invested a huge amount in the village, provided land for the Grammar School, built roads, built St Peter's Church in Oughtrington, served as magistrates..provided land for the council offices. At one time they owned 1,500 acres of land in Lymm and Oughtrington ( including Oughtrington Hall).. but today all that remains is that arch on Crouchley Lane and a sadly dilapidated family grave at St Marys . .. They are not even remembered by a Dewhurst Close or a Dewhurst Park .. What they did leave us was an incredible snapshot of the village in 1911 when the whole estate was put up for auction.. You can see an extract of it here. The whole catalogue is over 100 pages. Several copies survive. We are grateful to Don Smith who has a given a copy on loan to the Heritage Centre

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