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We have been presented with a unique opportunity to take up a lease on the former Royal British Legion. This has been purchased by and will be refurbished by a local businessman, all at his own expense. He is then offering us the building on an EXTREMELY generous lease. This is a one-off opportunity for the community to acquire the use of a new facility that will benefit all. 



In order to be able to take advantage of that offer we need to raise £15K - quickly - in order to give us the confidence to take up the lease and to demonstrate that there is genuine popular support for the project.  We are well on the way to achieving it but then need to build a "business model" that ensures we remain sustainable year on year. 

If you would like to donate .. or better still join our fundraising team ... please use the Contact Us page.



... an in some cases expertise. Everything from occasional volunteering  help with one off projects to becoming part of the team that will manage the whole project for years to come.  READ MORE 



There are many ways to tell Lymm's story, video, images, memories,  storyboards, re-enactment, books, games, activities, talks, walks, projects but people also like to see "artefacts" which can be very evocative. We are not looking to own any of these items. We simply want to provide the means to share them. If you have something to share with us do get in touch via the Contact Us page.  Take a look at the on-line collection page too to see examples of what we have been offered already. Everything is credited to the owner and of course everything will be insured. 



We have over 50 ideas logged already - SEE THE IDEAS PAGE but always welcome more. Your creative input is really welcome. 









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