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Learning through Heritage


The opportunity to learn is at the  heart of what we are about. 


And there are so many ways that a Heritage Centre can offer this. 


The first we all probably think of  is for schools where local history forms an important element of the curriculum.  This could be by exploring and interpreting documents and images and by handling and understanding the use of objects.  But it could also be by role playing games or taking part in activities in the village environment around the Centre.. and of course the Centre will offer us the chance to bring history to the village as is done in the week running up to Historic Transport Day when hundreds of children  see and hear what life was like on the Bridgewater Canal a hundred years ago. 

Local schools have already told us how keen they are to see the local Heritage Centre open so they can start to benefit.

READ HERE what they wrote to us. 


There are other aspects to learning too. Become a volunteer and you will probably not only become a lot more knowledgable about Lymm's Heritage as you share it with visitors but you may also other acquire new skills perhaps in IT as part of the team catloguing and recording information or by assisting with the financial management or administration of the centre. 


And let's not forget our visitors. We aim to make a visit to the centre a lively, interactive and entertaining experience but we hope that people will go away understanding a little more about Lymm itself and about some of the key moments in history of which it was apart such as the development of the canal network at the birth of what we now call the "Transport Revolution". 

As our patron Terry Waite put it so succinctly. 


"A village that take its heritage seriously is in a strong position to build a lively community"






ABOVE: visiting Brazilymm66 to learn about a famous moment in Lymm's history that captured the national media's interest again on the 50th anniversary of the Brazil team visit.


BELOW: Children in costume get a flavour of life on a working boat on the Bridgewater Canal as part of the "We Love our Canal"  programme which precede every Historic Transport Day.  This has been so successful that it has extended to four and a half days for 2016 and still can't accommodate all the schools that would like to take part.  

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