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We are not quite an on-line store yet.. That will come. But here is a first step toward enabling people to purchase Lymm related items and in most cases supporting the Heritage centre at the same time. 

All of these items and many more are also on sale at Lymm Heritage Centre. 

We can ship round the world for eBay purchases at no extra cost. 

DELIVERY. During COVID lockdown , while the Centre was closed we did offer a free local delivery service. Now that you can also purchase the items at the Centre the eBay P&P charge wil be applied to all on-line orders irrespective of location. Thank You.      OPENING HOURS


Lymm - The Time Traveller's Handbook. 

It's more than just a book, more than a walking trail, more than a quiz, more than a picture book , more than a storybook, more than a video.. It's truly an adventure. complete your mission and you can even claim a free prize at Heritage Centre.  can be enjoyed by all ages and if you can't get out it will even take you on an armchair adventure. 

All this and amazingly it is just £6 + £1.50p&p

The Lymm -Bridgewater Canal- Jigsaw

A fabulous image of this iconic location. It's a 1,000 piece challenge. If you know Lymm you will love it. If you don't know Lymm then you will need to visit once you've done the jigsaw!  

£16 + £3.10p&p

The Lymm -Journey Through Time - Jigsaw

Based on a new, specially commissioned art work by Tris Rossin the jigsaw represents Lymm's Journey Through Time. It's a 1,000 piece challenge that was the Centre's best seller last Christmas and is now back in stock.  

£15 + 3p&p. If you live on any of the places listed at the top of this page choose click and collect. 

Lymm - A Journey Through Time

The most complete history of Lymm for over one hundred years. It tells the story of Lymm's fascinating Trades, Transport and Traditions in 22 episodes and with over 100 photographs and original illustrations. It's the "must have"  book for anyone who would like to learn more about the place where they live or for those with an interest in social history

£10 + £2.50 

Hannah & the Ruby Glass

When nine year old Hannah wakes to find a note left by her brother it sets off a series of events that could end up changing the course of her life.

As Hannah struggles to deal with one challenge after another she remains fascinated by the "ruby glass" which seems destined to be forever beyond her reach. 

Hannah & the Ruby Glass paints a picture of a child's life in the second half of the nineteenth century in the Cheshire village of Lymm where fustian cutting is the dominant trade. 

It can be read and enjoyed by all ages from 8 to 80 and beyond. 

The book has already raised £1,000 for the Centre and all profits will continue to go to the Centre. 

Price £5.00 + £1.50 p&p 

The Pubs, Inns and Alehouses of Lymm

Lymm's pubs are at the heart of the history of this Cheshire village.  Several of them date back over 250 years. They all have fascinating stories to tell that reflect the whole of village life; its trades, transport and traditions. There is everything here from the quite amazing to the frankly eccentric. A visit to your "local" will never be quite the same again after you've read this book. Over 100 old photographs. 

Price £10+ £2.50 p&p If you live on any of the places listed at the top of this page choose click and collect. 

The Great Heatley Salt Rush 

At the turn of the twentieth century, Lymm, and Heatley in particular, teetered on the brink of full-scale industrialisation when viable reserves of salt were identified in the area. Within a few years smoke was billowing from factory chimneys while the air resounded to the roar of the factory hooter and the clanking of railway wagons. Local people held their breath anxiously at the possibility of subsidence destroying their homes.   40pages, dozens of fascinating illustrations. 

Price £4+ £1.50 p&p If you live on any of the places listed at the top of this page choose click and collect. 

The Lymm Gorge Geology Trail 

Whether you are a keen geologist or just a curious amateur the Lymm Gorge Geology Trail has much to offer.  The numerous, sandstone outcrops offer a fascinating insight into the  geological history of thearea around which the village of Lymm developed. following the trail you will cross 5 million years of geological time featuring a huge river flowing through a desert, wind-blown sand dunes and arid coastal regions.  

A beautifully presented A4, 24 page guide, fully illustrated. 

Price £3 + £2 p&p If you live on any of the places listed at the top of this page choose click and collect. 

1840s watercolour of Lymm Centre.


Possibly the oldest known reliable representation of the centre of Lymm pre-dating photography and the coming of the railway. This a real find and something that no lover of Lymm should be without.

A limited number of high quality fine-art copies have been produced direct from the original (which is now in the care of Lymm Heritage Centre) to original size.   

Actual size 35 x 25 cm - unmounted £20 ( plus £3.50 postage)

50cm  x 40cm in off-white mount £30 (not available by post.)

Cheques to Lymm Heritage Information Centre 11A Whitbarrow Rd Lymm WA13 9AG 01925-754080


The Lymm Heritage Shopping Bag

Made from heavy duty cotton 40cm x 40cm with a gusset, this is a fantastic buy for people who would like to support Lymm and its shops. It is covered on both sides with adverts for Lymm shops from the 1897 Band of Hope Festival Programme including the Lymm Temperance Hotel and Hilton's world-renowned boots !

Price £3 + £1.50 p&p if sent. 

Cheques to Lymm Heritage Information Centre  11A Whitbarrow Rd Lymm WA13 9AG 01925 754080


The Wheels & the Water

SORRY SOLD OUT 1,500 copies! 

Try Amazon where you may be able to pick up a second-hand copy., though of course the Heritage centre gets no benefit from that. 

Tells the story of the village and its growth as a direct result of the Transport Revolution. Includes 120 illustrations. A fascinating insight into Lymm's past.  

This book has already raised £3,000 for the Heritage Centre and £2 per copy will be donated for all future sales.

Price £12 + £2 p&p if sent. 

Cheques to Alan Williams 11A Whitbarrow Rd Lymm WA13 9AG

Available at Abacus Books Altrincham & Laura's Choice, The Cross, Lymm. 

Also on Amazon and eBay.

 Brazilymm 66 Souvenir Mug SORRY SOLD OUT 

A unique souvenir of the 50th Anniversary celebration of  Pele and the Brazil team staying at the Lymm Hotel for the World Cup. The picture features Pele and teammates at the hotel.

We even had an order from the USA from Rildo of the 66 Brazil team for this mug .. Only a few left.

All proceeds to the Heritage Centre   

Price £5 + £1.50 if sent. 

Cheques to Lymm Heritage Information Centre  11A Whitbarrow Rd Lymm WA13 9AG

 Lymm at War 

The book,” Lymm at War” was researched and written by two members of the Lymm & District Local History Society, Lynn Smith & Madge Bennion. It came about by seeing the Roll of Honour plaque in St Mary’s Church. They decided to find out more about some of the men and the roles they played in WW1/2. This is a fascinating insight into the men of Lymm with letters which were sent home detailing their preparations prior to being sent to the front. It is a well written book and is attractively priced at £7-00p(Call  01925 264453  to place an order by post). All profits from this book go to The Royal British Legion. 

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