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Stories. Every family, every home, every street has their own. Until recently most were passed on by word of mouth. Now we can preserve them and share them worldwide. Do you have a story from your family, your home, your street that you would like to see here?

Just let us know..  

henry ford DONE.jpg

Henry Ford  

The remarkable story of when motor magnate Henry Ford came to Lymm and learned to play bowls! >>>>>   

georgedewhurst copy.jpg


Wealthy cotton merchant George C. Dewhurst brings his new bride to Lymm in 1861 and the whole village celebrates. 



Radicals at the Cross  

In 1817 just two years before the Peterloo massacre in Manchester a group of "Radicals" came to Lymm and held a public meeting at the Cross.>>>>> 

Lymm Hospital 1.jpg

The Great War 

The men who served and lost their lives plus the stories of how Lymm supported the war effort through the Red Cross Hospital and Belgian refugee homes.  >>>>> 


Life in the Prefabs 

They were built as emergency housing stock after WW2  but many people loved them and were sorry to see them go. Discover the story of Lymm's prefabs. >>>>>


Coronation- George IV

The year was 1821 and it was possibly the most lavish coronation ever. Discover how Lymm celebrated with hog roasts, barrels of beer and dancing. >>>>>

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