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Support comes in many forms; from a "like" on facebook to corporate sponsorship.. They're all important and we all give according to our means and abilities. 

We will never have too have many volunteers, the people who open up the centre , talk to our visitors, enthuse about our heritage, lead our walks,  who get involved in sessions with schools, who work on digitising our collection of photographs and other documents. Everyone will receive training and you can give as much or as little time as you can manage . 

Yes we have Heritage Lottery funding which is fantastic but we will also need regular income coming in so as to be able to sustain the centre in the long term. This could come from local groups, other charities, business and individuals. Think of it as a contribution to the well-being of the community of which we are all part. 

Or maybe you have special skills that could help support the centre. Are you IT savvy?. Perhaps you have you graphic design skills or maybe you're just handy with a spreadsheet and can do some admin work.  If your local business could put a little in then apart form the warm feeling of helping out it also gives you a showcase fro your talents and demonstrates to others your commitment to the community.


Volunteers are our lifeblood.  We aim to offer you a great experience that will be fun while you learn about Lymm 

Your contribution is vital for our long term sustainability 

Support in kind from businesses and people with special expertise is invaluable

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