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Education Sessions we have run in the 2022-2023 school year. 

We will respond to any query on any subject. If we can't help you ourselves we may be able to point on you to another resource. If we think we can help we will come in for a chat to set up a session by  understanding  your exact needs  and designing an activity around them. Typically that means your group coming to visit the Centre and perhaps explore some aspect of the village, but we can also come to you where that is more practical. Contact

Here are some of the topics we have covered over the past past couple of years. 

We Love Our Canal ( Typically Year 4-5 – Late June only in run up to Transport Day)

Run in partnership with The Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port  and The Saturn Education Project. Offers insights into life on a working boat plus other canal related activities.


Lymm in World War One  (Key Stage 2)

Includes, talks, a village tour and exploration of WWI artefacts.


Lymm in the Industrial Revolution  (Key Stage 2)

There may not have been any mills or factories but the fustian cutting trade, a spin-off of the Manchester cotton trade had an enormous impact on Lymm.


The Water Cycle  ( Year 4)

Exploring how Lymm (It means place of running water)  developed directly as a result of water. How has human intervention impacted the water courses?  How Lymm has benefited from its water. Why was the canal built?  Canals vs rivers, guided walks and a presentation.


Lymm Then and Now  (All age groups)

A look at how Lymm as changed over the past 150 years in particular, walks, talks and photo and video presentations

We have delivered this session at a number of levels from Key Stage 2 down to Reception for whom we can do a reading from a local children’s book plus colouring activity.


Lymm Shops (all Age Groups)

What kind of shops were in Lymm 50 years ago, 100 years ago?  Walks, presentations, “play shop", artefact exploration.  This session can be pitched simply at “change” or for older children explore the move from goods to services and why.


Dinosaur! (Nursery)

A nursery visit for 3-4 year olds. See the dinosaur, draw an outline like the handbeast fossil. Search the fossil tray  (coming soon). Colouring in.   Children love to explore the Centre too.

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