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Let us take you on a journey through time.

Discover Lymm's fascinating history, presented using models, artefacts, picture stories, re-creations and  interactive multimedia. Here is what some of our visitors had to say .. 

"Amazing exhibition can't wait to visit again with my father"

"Every time we visit you have something new to see – We love the Centre"

"So glad I came –Found out so much I didn’t know about Lymm"


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Victorian Lymm was dominated by fustian cutting. Today we hardly know what the word means. We'll explain. And we'll tell you about about gold beating, salt extraction and the even earlier slitting mill at the same time.



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Once upon a time Lymm had a village square. The Bridgewater Canal changed all that. Lymm was the first village in Britain to be torn in half by a canal of the industrial age. Discover how it and, later, the railway changed village life forever.    



Soul Caking goes back to the 13th century. Rushbearing originated in  the mid 18th century. There's been morris dancing for 200 years and a May Queen Festival for 130 years. How much tradition can you pack into one village?   



Well there's a man who wants to offer you a bargain! Discover who he was and where he was at the the Heritage Centre. You can browse thousands of photos and view historical videos at the touch of a button.   

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