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Room Hire 


Are you looking for a venue with an extra "wow" factor?

Lymm Heritage Centre is a light, airy, modern, carpeted, well  furnished premises.  You have the added bonus of holding your event surrounded by fascinating exhibition material that will enhance your visit!

Our Space

1 The exhibition area – This is a rectangular space 11 metres by 7 metres. The space has been designed so that all the display blocks are completely mobile. We can rearrange the room or completely clear it for an event in just five minutes to suit your numbers and your activity.  Will comfortably seat  35 to 40.


  1. There is a set of 30 brand new chairs all fitting onto one trolley that can be easily moved around.   There are also approximately  ten ex-hotel  comfortable upholstered chairs.

  2. Plenty of power sockets and white walls plus a powerful daylight projector.  ( We have a large touch screen panel to which you can connect a PC.)

  3. We have good free wi-fi.  

  4. We have two toilets- both disabled friendly.

  5. We have a small separate kitchen area. 

  6. Excellent, timed heating system .


The centre is adjacent to the Henry St (“Market”)  Car  Park. There are 11 steps from the car park  to the door of the centre.  The centre can also be approached from below between Saddlers and the Youth & Community Centre ,four steps and a short slope. all level inside and at building entrance. 

What kind of events ?

The centre is a great focal meeting point  in the centre of the village for walks , talks and meeting  groups.  It could be also be suitable for business meetings as an interview venue. As well as being close to parking it is right next to shops and restaurants.  The centre could also be suitable, potentially for “low-impact “ activities.. yoga,  slimming groups,  clubs, craft groups

The premises is NOT suitable for children’s parties, hot food, or physical sports. 

When is it available ?

The Centre is open to the public, Thursday to Sunday during the afternoon. all other times are potentially available including evenings but we do have existing hirers, some semi-permanent, some occasional, so please contact us for precise availability. 

What is the cost?

£11 per hour for the first two hours, £9 for each additional hour in one session.

Please remember this is for the times you need to occupy the room, not just for your advertised session. i.e. don't forget to allow yourself some set up / clear out time.  We can look at a part-hour pro-rata rate depending on your exact needs. 

Full day rates negotiable. CLICK HERE or call 01925 754080 or 07540 096282

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