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We all need friends !!!


There is no doubt that the Heritage Centre is off to a fantastic start & right now a big thanks goes to our landlord, Howard Platt. Howard has not only purchased the building and paid for a major refurbishment, but in addition has offered us very generous lease terms Incredible!

It is this type of generosity, which is ensuring that the Lymm Heritage Centre has become reality & is helping secure something really special for our community.

However, there will always  be rent, utilities , insurance & 101 other things that we need, just to keep the wheels turning, now & in the years ahead…but we believe the investment will be worth it.  The Heritage Centre a key amenity for the village and its visitors, a place that we can all be proud of.

The regular income generated by the Friends scheme is vital to our long term sustainability. 





Become a Friend  today. 


Let's be honest by becoming a friend you are first and foremost demonstrating your support for the vision . And that’s important, because we need to demonstrate to other potential funders that we have wide support.  In order to be able to claim gift aid what we can offer in return is limited. However in return for your support we will offer…


  • Invitations to special events

  • A regular update by newsletter that tells you how your money is being used 

Kids from Statham Primary School learning about our canal heritage as part of the "We love our canal" programme in the run up to historic Transport Day.

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