Join our Team.

Let's be clear about one thing right away. You don't need to be an expert or history"buff" to be able to help out at the Heritage Centre. If you have some particular expertise that's great, we will certainly try and use it, but otherwise just an enthusiasm to learn about and to share Lymm's story with our many visitors is all that is needed. We will train you in the day to day aspects of  being a steward at the Centre and you will always be there with at least one other volunteer.  We are are not asking for a huge time commitment either.  Just one afternoon a month will make a real difference to us. 

And there are plenty of other roles too: marketing, helping out the education team,  cataloguing and scanning,  walks and talks co-ordinator, admin assistant are just a few. 

If you think you might be interested give us a call on  01925 754080 or 07540 096282 or email us at to arrange an informal, no commitment chat at the Centre. 






We open four afternoons a week: Thursday to Sunday 12-4.  We always have two volunteers on duty. The steward meets, greets, perhaps adds a story or two to the exhibits as visitors move around. Visitors sometimes come in with their own story to tell or with items to donate.  We also have a small shop selling Lymm related books and other items.   We will show you how to use our sales "tablet PC".  routines.  Most volunteers do just one afternoon a month but more is welcome too.  


The centre is about activities as much as it is about exhibitions with the emphasis always on Lymm.  We already have a number of people who have offered to lead walks, give talks or run short workshops but we need some-one to co-ordinate these  sessions.: Arranging the logistics, promoting them  and being around to manage them on the day.


We have some interesting projects that need resources to get them kicked off. We can train you and involve you in the planning.


Help us develop a child-friendly Centre. 


A Centre is only as good as the visitors who areable to experience it. So spreading the word and generating visiitors is a key role currently done by one of the trustees alongside many other responsibilities.  We are looking for someone with ideas and initiative to spread the word.



Some key roles like this one occasionally  need some-one to step in, over a holiday period for example.