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Running a Heritage  Centre is going to involve a lot of hard work. It can only be done effectively with a really good, motivated group of people  with the right mix of skills and enthusiasm.  We do already have a strong core management team of twelve including our five  initial trustees.  They  have a range of experience including  accounting, marketing, archiving & librarianship, fundraising  and  project management but we need more of everything ! 


Even if you can only offer a couple of hours a month then your time may be valuable to us as part of the staffing team but we are also looking for people with skills in more specialised roles too. For the time being we are committed to being a volunteer only organisation though funding may permit or necessitate our bringing in specialist paid skills to accomplish parts of the project. 


Here are a few of the areas where volunteers are involved. Many of these roles are currently covered but we always welcome extra help. Take a look at "OUR URGENT NEEDS TODAY  too . 


Administration/ Volunteer Management  

This could be anything from managing our volunteer schedule to keeping our bookings and events diary up to date. 


We will need good creative and communication skills to ensure that people know about what the centre has to offer and are encouraged to visit and to use our facilities - especially where that may raise revenue.  This is likely to include website management and social media skills. 


Retail Management

We envisage having a small shop within the centre that may stock a combination of local crafts plus Lymm oriented merchandise. Some-one needs to manage the buying and stocking decisions working initially to a very tight budget but with a revenue target in mind. 



An important element of the centre will be education. The national curriculum gives many opportunities to explore local history and geography so the centre is well placed to deliver resources and sessions to support local schools. If you have retired from teaching perhaps or stopped while you bring up a young family then this could be the way to continue to use your valuable skills. 

Digitisation Manager 

Some-one to take overall management responsibility for the process of digitising images, documents etc. Setting up procedures and good working practices, data security, training a larger team, managing on-line presentation of the material etc  


IT Support 

All of the above roles will need IT skills to some degree  so some-one who can oversee how we use IT and how we co-ordinate will be invaluable. 


Exhibition Research and Development. 

Some-one to help us keep the centre fresh by supervising the installation of temporary exhibitions and seeking out opportunities> this may involve temporary loan of items and artefacts or the commissioning of models and replicas. 


Centre Manager

Some-one needs to pull all of this together, to steer the rest of the team to ensure that the centre has a lively programme of activities and  is well used by diverse groups for all sorts of activities .. always with an eye to the revenue that will keep the centre afloat. 



Yes we will be looking for grants for the initial design and intallation of the centre but we also need to build a sustainable financial model that draws in revenue from a number of streams.  This could include identifying relevant charities, setting up a friends or supporters scheme, seeking business sponsorship, applying to local bodies and working with the local authority. Assist our Fundraising Manager. 



We don't know yet how much financial help , if any, we may be able to secure to drive the initial installation project but even if we use professional services for some of this then we are likely need design services for everything from brochures and marketing material to design of temporary exhibitions or educational resources. 


Centre Staff

Keeping the centre open for several days a week will involve a large team of volunteers who need to be prepared to make a regular commitment.  You would be part information giver- to residents and visitors alike, part shopkeeper and part history guide answering questions about Lymm and our exhibits. 


These are not job vacancies in the conventional sense and the amount of time commitment could vary enormously. If you were to get  involved then your role could even end up straddling one or more of the above. The first step is to contact us just to find out a little more and to see if this is something where you feel you could make a contribution. Even if you don't feel ready to make a regular contribution it would be good to have contacts  we could call on to assist with individual projects.   

Most importantly you  would  be a member of a, hopefully, happy team who are dedicated to making a positive difference to the quality of life in our community. 



or complete the I'M INTERESTED  volunteer form 


or better still call the Chair Alan Williams on 01925-754080  or  07540-096282


Thank You






The great news is that we are up and running and already have around 40 people involved in staffing the centre. This means that if you sign up you could do as little as one afternoon a month, though you are welcome to offer more. 

We aim to have a our digitisation project and education project running soon too so now is a good time to sign up for training. 




The centre generates funding and revenue in a wide variety of ways: donations large and small, friends, retails, grants and awards. The whole team  have a shared responsibility to find ways to maximise  our revenue  by pro-actively promoting the centre. But we would really benefit from having one person with this as their key role. It could involve anything from seeking out potential funders to putting on an event or  finding new ways to promote our friends and donors schemes.


The centre is about activities as much as it is about exhibitions with the emphasis always on Lymm.  We already have a number of people who have offered to lead walks, give talks or run short workshops but we need some-one to co-ordinate these  sessions.: Arranging the logistics, promoting them  and being around to manage them on the day.


We are building a strong core of friends and supporters but need to develop it further to help secure a strong sustainable financial future. The co-ordinator’s role would involve keeping in regular contact with friends via email or newsletter, helping to organise occasional friends events and generally promoting the friends and donors schemes ( working with the fundraising co-ordinator).

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