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There is  plenty to see and enjoy at the Centre and while you are there you can pick up or purchase books and leaflets that will guide you round the village.

But sometimes it’s even more interesting to have aspects of  Lymm’s story explained by one of our team.  It could be a tour of the exhibits with more of the background filled in or it could be an illustrated talk on an aspect of Lymm history. That could be general or a specific topic or period such as Victorian Lymm, The Belgian Refugee settlement  at Oughtrington Hall  or local trades like Fustian Cutting, Gold Beating  and Salt Extraction.  Lymm’s Transport and Traditions are other possible themes.

We also have a number of Lymm themed history films that we can show in the Lymm "Cinema". - (our 8 foot wide back wall screen.) 

For younger groups of all ages we can organise activity based visits.


We occasionally organise walks, on the geology of Lymm or reminiscences of Lymm 50 years ago.  

Talks can be held at the Centre for up to 35 people.  Basic refreshments can be provided: tea, coffee and biscuits.  We are also happy to come to you.

We don’t have fixed rates of charging but will adapt to your cirumstances and will always aim to be affordable.

If you would like to know more drop us a line at  or give us a call at 01925-754080

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