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In March 1861 the man who could arguably be described as the last “Lord of the Manor” in Lymm, - cotton magnate, George Dewhurst returned from Scotland with his new bride Elizabeth Whigam. She was 23 years his junior and he was obviously keen to impress his young bride. He  certainly  had the full co-operation of the village.  

As well as most of Lymm taking the day off and building seven triumphal arches  the entire village seems to have turned out to welcome them back.  A 21 gun salute was sounded as they passed the toll bar ( probably opposite where the Co-op now stands on Booths Hill Road ) in their carriage and pair. 

One of the more eyebrow raising tributes came when the carriage arrived at the Dog & Punchbowl pub when … to quote the news story, “the horses were taken out, ropes were attached and men dragged the carriage the remaining distance to the hall”.

The hall was Beechwood Hall – where Lymm Rugby Club now stands. It was vast! Picture them driving in through the gate on Crouchley Lane.   

The climax of the day was an extraordinary firework display. And just this week a copy of the original poster advertising the display emerged from a “family memory chest” in Lymm.  It's a  fantastic find that brings the event back to life.. We wonder how many other little gems like this are hiding away in old handbags, boxes and cases.

Rev McIver was still in his post in 1861- see the story. This image from 1845 is the oldest photograph of any kind we have found of Lymm. If you know of another please share. 

1861 - the oldest photograph to our knowledge of the village centre 

Beechwood - simply huge. It would have dwarfed even Lymm Hall and all the  other "gentry" homes in the area. And what remains ? An entrance and a shabby grave at St Mary's ...  

Below: The original  advertisement for the 1861 Firework Display. Huge thanks to the Taylor > Saville > Parry families who have held on to this piece of history for 155 years !! 

Thanks to Alan Taylor (Beechwood Hall), Richard Buckley (Rev McIver) and John & Jane Parry (Firework  Display Poster) for providing pictures.

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