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I remember..

We all love to look at old photographs but there is so much to tell that a picture alone cannot convey. Whenever I get hold of an old photograph the first thing I do is flip it over in the hope that on the back I will find a year, a location, names or even an event described. I am usually disappointed. 


This page is reserved for individual stories and memories ( associated with Lymm of course! ). We would love to hear yours.

Do get in touch. We can even help you get them written down.  And who knows .. all put together there may be a book in there ..   

Bolton Clarion Cycle Club visit Lymm 1929 

Life at the Prefabs 


Below is just one short extract from a beautifully evocative memoir sent to us in early 2018 by Doreen Harrison nee Booth who now lives in British Columbia, Canada. You can download the whole story below.  

"The prefabs may have had their downsides (the cold, the damp, the lack of room), but, to me, my sister Dorothy, and many others in Lymm and other parts of the UK, they were home. Last time I was back in Lymm, visiting from Canada, I went to what used to be Racefield St. It simply was not the same place, it did not have the same “feeling.” The old prefabs were gone, with nothing left to tell anyone that this used to be a street of families, working, laughing, playing. There were no allotments, no cul-de-sac with its lamp post, no washing blowing on lines in back gardens. Everything changes, and it is true what they say, you cannot go back, but, sometimes, when I am just sitting thinking of my life in Lymm, I can almost smell wallflowers in the summer sun, hear the tinkle of an ice cream van and see my dad, coming home from work, covered in coal dust. Such memories!"

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