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Video Gallery 

This page is best viewed on a desktop computer. Don't forget that once you have a video playing you can click bottom right of the video box to make it full screen. If you have old cine-film and would like help getting it transferred into a modern format please contact us. Let’s not lose the past.

World War One - Lymm Remembers 


This video was made as part of Lymm Heritage centre's commemoration of the Armistice in 1918. It tells the story of local territorial soldier Harry Brookes against a backdrop of life on the home front in Lymm including the auxiliary hospital and the Belgian refugee colony. 

Skating on Lymm Dam 1940s 

Fascinating extract from the film "The Winter's Tale" made in 2001. The footage was provided by the Johnstone family.  The donor's father who took the video was a dentist in Lymm at the time. 

"Jugs of Broth"

An extract from "the Winter's Tale"  a story of Lymm in Winter. The film was made in 2001. Grace, who had lived in Lymm all her life was  92 at the time.  She talks about one experience of the different social classes in Lymm around 1918 - in particular the "gentry". 

Pele in Lymm

Originally made for the "When Pele Came to Lymm" exhibition at the Centre Jan-Feb 2023 to mark the passing of the great man. The film compilation tells the story of the Brazil team's stay in Lymm for the 1966 World Cup from beginning to end.  

Lymm - at the heart of the Transport Revolution 


This video celebrates Lymm's place at the heart of the Transport Revolution from the building of the Bridgewater Canal in the 1760s right through to the construction of the M6 Thelwall Viaduct  two hundred years later. 

The rest as they say .. is history 

The demolition of the Lodge Cottage on the corner of Rectory Lane and Pepper St in 1969 was greeted with horror by some local residents. It marked a break with the past. The space was filled with houses behind a hedge for nearly fifty years but is now the site of Elmer's Restaurant. 

Brazilymm 1966- 2016 


This video records highlights of the Heritage Centre's first event ... a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the visit of the Brazil football team to stay at the Lymm hotel during the 1966 World Cup when Pele - the most famous footballer in the world - was in the team. 

The exhibition  attracted national attention and featured in national newspapers, The BBC website home page and even on Radio 4's Pick of the Week. 

Summer Fair at Heatley 1955


Here is a treat for older residents of Lymm & Heatley – a fourteen minute video made from  a colour cine film made of a Summer Fair in Heatley in 1955. In the grounds of the home of Cllr and Mrs Dawson-Kent on Oughtrington Lane ( once the “Dog” pub , now demolished ) near canal bridge.

 It’s grainy in places but perfectly watchable and evokes a year when Stirling Moss won the British Grand Prix and fish fingers were invented !!  It was also the first Summer that the country was completely free of post-war rationing.

It features  among others  May Queen Joan Riley, Rose Queen Hilda Burrell, Maids of honour Anne Ashcroft, Ann wignall, and Jennifer Sherwin.

On the stalls are the Blinstons and Pat & Isobel Cash.  Others you may spot include Cllr Jack Thomason , Mr & Mrs Derek Worthington – son in pram, Doug and William Kirkpatrick, tom Robinson, Vera Daniels , Mrs Guest, Mrs Horrocks, Mrs Wignall.

Scottish country dancers were Doug & Ruby Kirkpatrick, John and Janey Harvey, Martin Harvey, Lilian Street, Margaret Davis, Edith Russell,

Were you  there ? Do you recognise anyone else ?  Does this evoke other memories ?

This  DVD was kindly sent Alan & Sue Davis who lived in Lymm for 36 years till 1980 . Alan was a butcher at Dewhursts who delivered all over the area until 1964.  Sue was a Kirkpatrick of Crouchley Lane .. her grandfather William had a garage there and was well known  in the area.

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