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Maps are an  invaluable tool that literally "chart" the change in village life. The main maps are here derived from the National Library of Scotland digitisation project. Links are for access only. See their rules restricting using them for any any commercial purpose. Click on a map image to drill through to web page where you can search, zoom and print. 

If you have maps, plans, or diagrams that we could add to our resources> Please get in touch if you are happy for us to borrow them and digitise them. 


Peter Burdetts Map 1777

Burdett gives us a quantum leap in the mapping of Cheshire. For the first time, the county is accurately drawn and we see depicted turnpike roads, minor roads, canals, heaths and commons, and sources of industry and power.

Greenwoods 1819 Map of Cheshire -zoom in on Lymm 

Greenwood had the great advantage of being able to obtain trigonometrical data from the Board of Ordnance. The four sheets of Greenwood’s Cheshire map show more detail than those of Burdett and are noted for the quality of their design and engraving.

Lymm Tithe Map 1837

Together with the information recorded in tithe apportionments, they are a unique record of land ownership, occupancy and use in Cheshire alomst 200 years ago. . Download the full maps below -west and east.  The spreadsheet details the woners and occupants of every numbered plot. 

View: Cheshire XVII (includes: High Legh; Lymm.) - Ordnance ...

Cheshire XVII (includes: High Legh; Lymm.) Surveyed: 1873 to 1876. Published: 1882. Maps home > OS Six-inch England and Wales


View: Lancashire CXVI.3
Surveyed: 1873 to 1892, Published: 1896

Includes Statham, Ship Canal and Statham Brick works 


brickworks 1896map.JPG

View : Cheshire XVII.6 (includes: Lymm; Woolston)Revised: 1897Published: 1898


View : Cheshire XVII.6 (includes: Rush Green, Oughtrington )Revised: 1897Published: 1898



View: Cheshire XVII.NW (includes: Grappenhall; Lymm; Rixton with Glazebrook; Woolston.)Revised: 1905 to 1908 Published: 1911


View :Cheshire XVII.6 (includes: Lymm; Woolston)
Revised: 1937 Published 1938 


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