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1086   Lymm appears in the Domesday Book

1316   Lymm Hall estate passed from Gilbert de Limme to Thomas Legh de West Hall, in High Legh,

1322   Approximate date of original St Mary's Church

1521   St Mary's Church tower built 

1569   Church registers start to be held

1597   Lymm Grammar School founded

16??   Lymm Slitting Mill - water powered mill for slitting wrought iron bars and making nails built   (other sources say 1720)

1652   175 people buried in Lymm Churchyard died from plague

1697   Lymm Estate passed by will to John Halstead son of a female Domville  and Urdula D. m Wm Massey Sale 

1733   Date over the door of a cottage facing canal by village centre bridge.

1734   Butchersfield Canal opens on the Mersey cutting out river loop  that came to Statham.

1761   First section of Bridgewater Canal completed. Worsley to Salford.

1765   Adoption of enclosure act - resulting in the basic field shapes seen today

1767   Bridgewater Canal dig reaches Lymm 

1771   Malt Kilns - adjacent to Corn Mills at lower dam already in operation 

1776   Extension of Bridgewater Canal through Lymm opens. Packet Boat service starts.

1795   property auction incl Dane Bank House and 50+ other lots following death of  Mr Domville-Poole in previous year

1797-8Lymm raises a large sum and a voulnteer force as part of national mobilisation to prepare to repel possible invasion. 

c1800 Slitting Mill uses the flatten iron bars to make barrel hoops, later is owned for a while by woolen manufacturer. 

1801   Population: 1622

1805   First reference to fustian cutter of Lymm  Williiam Clayton 

1811   Population: 1908

1817   Lymm Rushbearing apparently already established 

1821   Population: 2090

1824   Primitive Methodist Preaching begins in Lymm in a school room

1824   Warrington-Stockport Turnpike opens and , with it, Lymm Dam. New stage-coach services.

1828   first Fustian cutting shop already open - may have been earlier 

1831   Population:2305

c1835  Slitting Mill pulled down 

1841   Population: 2658

1846   Lymm Hall Estate broken up on death of Rev.  Taylor 

1846   Representative of Lymm fustian Cutters meets others in  Manchester to try to initiate a stop to child labour

1849   Horse-drawn omnibus service starts operation from Lymm to railway station at Altrincham.

1849   Primitive Methodist Chapel built Eagle Brow 

1850   Twenty-three fustian cutting businesses operating according to Trade Directory

1851   Population: 3156

1851   Fourth building of St Mary's Church 

1853   W’ton & Stockport Railway  - Lymm and  Heatley & Warburton railway stations open.

1861   Population: 3769

1861   George Dewhurst bring his new bride - 23 years his junior - To Beechwood Hall > Big Village Celebration in fireworks

1862   Gas Works Opens 

1863   The Rixton & Warburton Bridge Act  -permitting a toll road to be built over the Mersey.

1863   Government Commission shows 700 people employed in Fustian Cutting  in Lymm- at least 24 workshops operating

1863   School Built 

1871   Population: 4541

1872   St Peter's Church Oughtrington erected - courtesy of the Dewhurst Family

1873   Mersey & Irwell Regatta at Warburton Bridge.

1874   Oughtrington Constituted as a parish 

1875   First steam driven boats in regular use on Bridgewater Canal 

1880   Rushbearing discontinued

1881   Oughtrington formed into an ecclesiastical parish 

1881   Lymm Tennis & Croquet Club formed

1881   Population: 4665

1884   Oughtrington Park Cricket Club established

1885   New Grammar School built

1887   Lymm team reported in Rugby results 

1887   Dewhurst family give £200 relief to provide temporary work for unemployed impoversihed fustian cutters 

1888   Lymm Waterworks opens 

1889   St Mary's Church tower rebuilt 

1889   First Band of Hope/May Queen

1891   Severe Winter- Bwater canal closed in January 

1891   Fustian Cutter Strike 

1891   Ship Canal starts to operate as far as Saltport at entrance to Weaver Navigation.

1891   New set of eight bells installed at St Mary

1891   Conservative club opened 

1894   Local Government Act - major reform - Lymm Urban District Council Created ?

1894   Manchester Ship Canal opens with new cantilever bridge in place at Warburton.

1896   3rd volunteer regiment of Cheshire Regiment take possession of Drill Hall as HQ 

1897   New Primitive Methodist chapel built Eagle Brow -old chapel becomes  Sunday School 

1897   Lymm Cross renovated for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

1899   Electric tramway from Warrington through Lymm to Knutsford proposed - doesn't materialise

1901   Liverpool Self-propelled Traffic Association motor-car trial passes through Lymm.

1902   Lymm Council offices formally opened on Brookfield Rd/Whitbarrow Road 

1903c  Lymm Salt Works opened 

1906   First Bus service to Warrington from Lymm. (not confirmed).

1907   Lymm Golf Club Opens

1909? Wrights goldbeaters moves from Manchester to Lymm

1911   Sale of the Beechwood Estate

1913   Lymm Urban District Council purchases Lymm Water Company through Act of Parliament 

1914-1918??? Local men and women perish in the Great War

1914   Heatley Salt Works opens 

1921   War Memorial Dedicated 

1924   Freemasons - Domville Lodge dedicated

1928   Heatley Salt works closes

1925   Last fustian Cutting shop closes ? 

1935   Corn Mill in Village Centre demolished 

1935   Agden Salt Works opens

1938   Church Road widened across the dam to cater for increased traffic.

1938   Manchester “Ringway” Airport – opens for passenger traffic.

1939-1945?? Men and women perish in the Second World War 

1948   May Queen reinstated after wartime interruption

1950   Lymm Salt Works Closes

1951   Bridgewater Players Founded - perform at Lymm Cinema util closed in 1962

1955   Lymm Cruising Club formed.

1955   Grammar School moves to Oughtrington Hall 

1960   Lymm Rugby Club formed

1960   Agden Salt Works Closes

1962   Lymm and Heatley & Warburton  stations closed to passenger traffic.

1962   Lymm Cinema Closes

1963   M6 Thelwall Viaduct opens.

1966   Brazil & Russia in Lymm for World Cup 

1967   History Society formed

1968   Lymm twins with Meung sur Loire 

1968   Bridgewater Players leave Lymm for Thelwall. 

1969   Lymm first car park and parking restrictions.

1971   Breach at Dunham closes the Bridgewater Canal – effective end of commercial traffic.

1972   National Waterways Rally at Lymm.

1973   Bridgewater Canal re-opens.

1974   Lymm becomes part of Borough of Warrington

1974   M56 Lymm junction with M6 opens.

1976? Royal British Legion Branch opens at Legh St 

1985   Last freight trains run though Lymm.

1985   Annual Lymm Dickensian initiated by Monica Spence 

1995?  Dingle Hotel closes.

1995   Second Thelwall Viaduct opens.

1998   Warrington becomes a unitary authority 

1999?  Lymm Festival established

2001   Trans-Pennine Trail officially opened.

2009   Lymm Runners established 

2012   Tour of Britain Cycle Race passes through Lymm.

2013   Lymm Youth & Community Centre becomes a Community Asset handed over by Warrington B.C. 

2013   HS2 rail-line proposals announced with major implications for East of Lymm.

2013   June 23rd The inaugural Lymm Historic Transport Day.

2015   Royal British Legion Club - latterly known as The Boat Stage -closes 

2017   Lymm Heritage Centre opens on site of Royal British Legion June 22.