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Community Links


If The Heritage Centre is to reflect and represent the history and development of the village then  it’s vitally important that we create strong links with a wide range of groups for all sorts of reasons.


From Schools to Scouts & Guides, from Businesses to Sports Clubs  and from Individuals to social groups , all have a part to play.


We are  working hard to develop these links with as many groups as possible but please feel free to get in touch with us in the meantime.  Here are just a few ways we can work with groups.

  • Provide interesting educational sessions and talks – everything from National Curriculum based material to general interest talks.  We are already talking to local schools about their needs.

  • Involve your members in carrying out a project, perhaps collecting oral history

  • As a business then sponsor an activity or event – for potentially mutual benefit  - Lymm Hotel commitment to Brazilymm ’66 in Feb 2016 is a great example.

  • Share the archive of your organisation and local history knowledge and experiences  of your members.

  • Some of your members may like to get involved in volunteering. We would be happy to come and talk about the range of opportunities available.



Thank you.

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