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On the trail of the Handbeast!


Kerry the Chirotherium has been spotted out and about at night. But where has he been? We will give you a map and you can track his route by finding the prints. Find them all and win a free fossil. 

Rummage on our mini-beach to find real fossils,  hundreds of millions years old, ammonites, shark's teeth and many more.  You can start your own collection for just £1.50   


Join the dots and create your own chirotherium based on a map of Lymm  


There's heaps more Summer Fun too. Make your own May Queen crown. Tackle our giant floor jigsaws or set off on a journey of discovery with the Time Traveller's Handbook   


We have  managed to track down a great collection of five different dinosaur models.  Just £1.20 each.  


Learn about the exciting discovery in in Lymm in 1840 of these rare 250 million year old chirotherium "handbeast" prints.  

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