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....The front  door slammed hard. It woke Hannah with a start. For a moment she lay there, confused, wondering where she was. There were no candles as her mother had taken the last ones to work a few days earlier. So it was dark in the room... and cold, very cold… even colder than usual. Hannah sat up in bed with her shawl wrapped round her. She scraped the ice from the window with her nails and peered out into the gloom.  Everything somehow looked different and unfamiliar even in the early morning darkness and as Hannah’s eyes gradually became accustomed to the light she realised.... 

 the opening lines of

Hannah and the Ruby Glass

a tale of a Victorian childhood in Lymm in the days leading up to Christmas.  There is mystery and a little adventure but the story also gives a feel of what it was really like to live in a poor village family in the 1870s. Contains twenty beautifully evocative illustrations by Helen Weston. The story is by Alan Williams.

PRICE £5 On sale at the Heritage Centre or order online here. 

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