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"It was a beautiful afternoon in late September,1911,  and Edward Brown was queuing outside the Drill Hall in Lymm along with quite a crowd. He was waiting anxiously to take his seat along with many other residents of Lymm, whose homes and businesses were among the 150 lots to go under the hammer over the two days of the auction.

So began what could truly be called Lymm's "Sale of the Century". Only five months earlier the national press proclaimed "MR LEVER BUYS A TOWN" .  The town was Lymm! But now most of it was back on the market, this time broken down into over 150 lots. The catalogue of that auction captures a moment in Lymm's history and reads like a modern Domesday book with detailed descriptions of farms, shops, homes, pubs and businesses all over the village as well two dozen photographs of some of the lots.  

It's a fascinating story. This new book has at its core a facsimile eidition of the whole 150+ page catalogue but also includes the background story of how the sale came about.  For the first time, the book tells the complete story of what happened next: who bought what for how much.    


The original catalogue contained two large fold-out maps inserted into a pocket. For this edition they have been turned into a separate sixteen page, full colour, map book covering every part of Lymm and district, also neatly inserted in a pocket at the back of the book.

Whether you have always loved Lymm or would just like to learn more about this unique village we think you are sure to enjoy reading and exploring "Lymm For Sale". 


Mounted Village Map 1911 with list of lots  40cm x 40cm  £16 


Mini-Jigsaw Village Map 1911 A4 size with list of lots  120 pieces  £6.50 

LYMM FOR SALE on sale  at

Lymm Heritage Centre, Ruby & Harry's, Bridgewater St and Lymm Post Office.


Also available online at  

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