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It is exactly 200 years since Baron Karl von Drais demonstrated his newest invention:- the running machine.  Over in Germany they are celebrating with 2017 being designated the Year of the Bicycle as well as multiple exhibitions  and specially minted Euro coins.  Here in the OK celebrations have been more low key, but one Cheshire village is celebrating big time by dedicating the first exhibition of its newly opened Heritage centre to the social history of cycling as it affected Lymm in Cheshire.

 Open from 1 till 5pm from Thursday to Sunday to the end of September -


The exhibition also features a superb collection of fifteen bicycles from an early reproduction Laufmaschine through to an immaculately preserved chopper bike!   

Whether you are a cyclist or just a lover of all things to do with the lives of ordinary people over the last 150 years you will enjoy  this exhibition in its beautiful new building.

The exhibition tells the story of the enormous changes  to the lives of ordinary people that were the result of  the invention of the high-wheel and then , even more importantly, the safety cycle at the end of the nineteenth century.  Female emancipation, the Socialist Clarion movement, the conflicts between landowners and the cycling masses are among the topics covered in the fascinating exhibition.

Lymm is a great place to visit any time. 

With a canal and towpath running through its heart and the Trans-Pennine trail within  ½ mile it is an ideal destination for city cyclists as the Victorians were quick to discover.  There are plenty of pubs, cafes and restaurants too for that all important refreshment-stop.  



Read about some of the early feats of endurance from characters like T.A. Edge who famously road from London to Liverpool in the 1890s on a machine similar to the one pictured left in less than fifteen hours 

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