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"We Love Our Canal" Schools Days
Most people now know about Lymm Historic Transport Day but far fewer will be aware that in the run up to that event we take advantage of the presence of the historic working boats- especially Saturn the last of the Shropshire flyboats - to provide a programme of half day sessions for key stage 2 children from Lymm and surrounding areas called "We Love Our Canal" The programme has proven so popular with local schools that it has grown from its orginal 2 days to 4 and this year for thie first time we will be receiving students from the autism education centre "Bright Futures". 
As well learning about life on a boat by experiencing the boat at first hand the children try their hand at bridge-building and canal crafts like rag-rug making.. 
The programme was started up by Lymm Transport Day but is now co-ordinated by Lymm Heritage Centre as their first venture into what we hope will become an extensive education programme for local schools. 
We are grateful to the Saturn Education Project and Ellesmere Port Boat Museum - The museum of the canal and river trust for their input in providing the education sessions. 

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